English Springer Spaniels at Play        
Cardhu Kennels
English Springer Spaniels of Distinction
Do I really have to share ??
My buddy and I
Just hanging around waiting for a push
Bloody hell, empty already !!
Who's taking who for walkies??
Steiney getting into the Xmas
Surfs up Guys (well, not quite, looks a bit flat actually)
Just keep ya distance, buddy
Luigi trying to cool down on New Years Day
2006, by
lying down on ice thrown out fron the
previous nights celebrations!! Mind you it was
still 40 deg plus
"Drive on Jeeves
"Whose been licking at my bowl?"
All i need is some prawns and we have a
cocktail happening
Charles - proud dad
Just for me??
Doing what springers do best -
hangin with their mates!
The first Cardhu litter - circa 1987 and their
new owners.
Gis a drink!!
that I accidentally fell on the
Georgia as a baby
Is there room for more in there?
The gorgeous Janelle modeling for
her hair cut!
Ozzy's first day in Germany.  From 30 deg
plus to snow - no problem
Ozzy arrives in Frankfurt.  Good luck wee girl.
"I prefer Egyptian cotton myself"
"Fishin with my friends
" I loves my mum"
You got my attention
Kisses for you (Bruno and Nate)
The boys (Dennis and Boss) having fun in the park, these
shots epitomise the warmth of character of two adult male
Springersphotography Fiona Erskine
Get out of my space mate
Yeah, I KNOW its raining, do i really need a
rain bonnet?
Pass me my glass!!
Excelling at Obedience too
I'm just new around here
No one will recognise me
Every one needs a cushion - I wish this one
would stay still!!
We can do rally work too
Resistance is useless
I'm so cute, they will never tell me off
The new kid in town
Who gets the remote?
Mirror mirror
Of course i can fit!!
Captain Springer,
Hmm - it has to be said - Springers have a
natural affinity with mud!
But Mum?
Boss and Woo posing
for the Korean tourists.
Its me again - more
Beaches in Singapore are designed for dogs :)
Boss starring in his own movie - "how to train
humans to give you food"
Can't a dog have a break?