In 1985 I acquired my first English Springer Spaniel; “Jess” was a neglected eight month old, whose high spirits made her “difficult” to put it mildly. At one time I seriously
considered giving her to the RSPCA, but decided that no one else could cope with her either - which would probably lead to euthanasia. I couldn’t do this to a loving bitch
who had just had no training.  So the next step was the (then) revolutionary step of a dog psychologist.  

After six months and a relatively modest amount of money, I had the most loving and obedient dog.  So obedience training was the next step, and then, having had
parents who exhibited dogs when I was young (Pekingese and Bull Terriers!!), my thoughts turned to conformation showing.  

In 1986 Jess was duly registered and in my ignorance, I hit the show ring.  Jess unfortunately, was not really a show quality English Springer Spaniel, but she gave me
the show “bug”.  I decided to mate her, again in my ignorance, I chose a dog who, in retrospect, was little better than Jess.  But it produced my first champion: - NZ Ch
Cardhu Major’s Last Stand, who was considerably better then either parent.  Interestingly, all the puppies were beautifully behaved dogs and given the state of their
mother when I took her on, this has made me rather strong minded about the need to train and socialise English  Springer Spaniels at an early age.

Jess and her progeny were “American” type Springer Spaniels, and after viewing real “English” Springer Spaniels, I decided this lovely breed was for me.  So I never bred
from “Major”, even though he had several good points and a heavenly temperament.

In subsequent years I have showed numerous dogs to their title. I have bred, on average, maybe one litter per year and have imported four dogs from the UK (My two
Tasa imports are still a strong part of my current breeding lines).  I was given semen from the gorgeous UK Sh Ch Tasa Baron Knight  – which regrettably, defrosted,
before it even left the UK vet!  (the Liverpool based vet did not give a continental).   

I have a pretty simple philosophy:  I only breed when I plan to keep something myself, so puppies are given the BEST of care and attention, even from before
conception.  I want to breed sound bodies and sound minds and with a countenance that pleases my eye.  Plus, given the tribulations I went through with the
aforementioned “Jess”, I like to provide puppy owners with all the support they need to have this lovely breed as a valuable addition to the family.

Cardhu started in NZ, I moved to Australia in 2001, though a suburban lifestyle limited my full involvement in the breed.  Our move to the country in late 2004, means - I'm

I am a current member of the NSW and Victorian English Springer Clubs – refer to their relevant web pages for the code of ethics.

All Cardhu Springers are eye and hip tested before breeding is contemplated.
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Introduction to Cardhu English Springer Spaniels – owned by Jan Waite