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Cardhu English Springers for their comments and feed back.

It is gratifying that a number of people have come back for their second and even third Cardhu Springer to add to their family.

Any current owners are welcome to add their feed back for inclusion.(July 2014)
Layla 2014
Layla came to as an adult for her retirement home. While she may be considered
past showing she certainly still has a lot to give & I'm happy to be the lucky recipient.
While she maybe a little shy at times, she is incredibly loyal and always very obedient,
she even accompanies me on visits to hospitals and aged care facilities. I'm often
complimented on her behaviour, but I'm unable to take the credit as she came to me
with the most impeccable manners - she even goes to the toilet on command! I'm
grateful every day that Jan entrusted her to me. I get to wake up every morning to her
wagging tail and I come home every night to the most excited greeting, who could ask
for more? Layla is my best mate and the best dog I've ever owned, without hesitation I
highly recommend dogs from Cardhu English Springers"
Layla's mum - Mornington Peninsula
Bella 2013
"I never thought this breed could be such a loving
and loyal companion, also Bella is very intelligent,
also she has passed nearly all levels at the wiltja
dog obedience club. She is advanced class 4.  I love
her to bits, I am so glad we added her to our family"
Bella's mum - Victoria
Mason 2014
,We say our gorgeous boy Mason chose us and that it was meant to
Mason is the most gentle, sweet obedient,
extremely handsome
and loyal boy, and I believe Jan's careful breeding program and
love, care and health of the babies when they are born contribute to
her dogs growing into these beautiful companions.
Coming home to a wagging tail and a "smile" everyday is the best,
and our afternoon walks have become a family routine that we look
forward to. We've made many friends on our walks and i love it when
people walk past us and say "Hi Mason..."
Mason is also a great babysitter and regularly curls up on the lounge
with our ten year old daughter Alexandra (apparently, "The Little
Mermaid" is his favourite movie)
Getting a puppy from Jan means you will have a happy, healthy
puppy from someone who has been involved in this beautiful breed
for a long time.  Thank you Jan, Mason is the best dog we've ever

Jane & Danny Sullivan, NSW
Olive 2013
Dear Jan, The day you sent Olive to us was one of the happiest days of our
lives.That day we became a family again and we are eternally grateful to
you.What a joy she is! She is beautiful both inside and out and is often
complemented on her beauty and obedience.
She is a loyal companion, a gentle,loving,intelligent,obedient,happy little girl
with a wonderful temperament.She is the complete package and a real
credit to you and your breeding program We just love our
Thank you for choosing us to take care of Olive

Olive's mum -  SA                                                  
Things I love about my Cardhu Springer named Jack.  It is hard to place them in
order of importance, as he is such a gorgeous dog.
1.        His loyalty is intense
2.        He socialises well with other dogs
3.        He is not aggressive, but holds a presence with large dogs
4.        He is my mate
5.        He welcomes me every time I come home
6.        He is a very handsome dog
7.        Wherever he goes, he is the most patted dog
8.        His coat is exceptional
9.        He is exceptional with our four grandchildren aged 3 to 6
10.      I love him lots

Jacks Dad (David) Melbourne
Gemma loves nothing more than to be with us, whilst it is heartbreaking
to say “bye” and drive off to work each weekday , her Gemma loves to
meet people, especially young children about her height and provides
much giggling and laughter when she sniffs and licks a little hand and
shows how much she loves to be admired.
One day at the Lancefield Market a woman walked up to her and said
“you are by far the most beautiful dog here today”!
An energetic girl, Gemma makes sure we take her for a walk every day
to make sure we all socialise, she loves to play with most dogs we meet
and can run rings around most!
Gemma draws a smile and usually a greeting from nearly everyone we
walk past down the street and loves to sit with us at our local cafe and
say hello to all who pass by. She is very well mannered on these
outings and loves the attention.
Gemma is simply a beautiful addition to our family. Yes of course she
has her naughty moments, the lawn has been aerated several times
and various items chewed beyond recognition, but that’s what puppies
Gemma also loves Sam, our rescue cat, we brought them home within
days of each other and from day 1 they were “besties”. Where Sam
goes, Gemma is sure to follow, or at try to.
We took Gemma to puppy socialisation at our local vet, she always
loves going there now, it was a great idea to take her.  
She is not fussy with food, we cook up a mix of rice chicken and vegies
and alternate that with dried food, some cans of Eukanuba and
occasionally sardines, all goes down well.
Sue – Gemma’s mum - Victoria
Ruby 2014
I just wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks for Ruby, who is now seven
months of age
From the first day she came home with me, she has been remarkably happy
and confident girl.  She is both affectionate and independent.  She loves
other people and dogs of all sizes.  Ruby has the typical English Springer
biddible nature, but I am sure she has a wicked sense of humour!
I could not ask for a better Springer companion.
Lucia - Ruby - and now Sampson's mum - Victoria
Trudie 2015
Trudie is an absolute delight, she had her 12 week jabs last week
and passed puppy school with flying colours., it helps that like a true
springer she will do anything that involves a food reward.
She is still very confident and pretty much bomb proof, nothing much
perturbs her. She went for an unexpected swim in a friends pool the
other day but just surfaced turned around and paddled back to the
two panicking women at the edge. We dried her off and  off she went
to explore some more as if nothing had happened.
The old dogs are being so tolerant of her, she is at the ear and rear
end pulling stage, poor old Zebs back end is really weak already so
having a 9 kilo pup hanging off his back leg is a trial but he mostly
just lets her. It's so funny when she occasionally gets told off though,
we have a few minutes of fawning good behaviour until she decides
that she has been forgiven.
Lesley - Trudie's mum, West Australia
(Zebs is also a Cardhu Springer Spaniel - who is now around 12
years old)
Banjo 2015
Thank you for your email. Banjo continues to grow and
develop. he has such a beautiful personality-  he is yet to
growl, happily has other dogs for plays in his territory and
relishes any opportunity to play with both humans and
dogs alike. At night he loves to come inside and be as
close to us as possible. He is definitely a sociable being.
Over the Summer we will be spending some time at the
beach and are excited to watch him enjoy the fun of the
The children continue to embrace him as a family member.
They sneak downstairs to greet him first in the mornings,
take him for walks around the block, are very protective of
him if a gate is left open and delight in his quirky
We feel very lucky. Please enjoy a safe and Merry
Louisa - Banjo's mum - Victoria
Henry - 2015
1 week in and I'm completely besotted
What a beautiful boy
He is very well behaved and mischievous all rolled into 1
Jen, Henry's mum - Victoria